milla snorrason embodies individuality and attitude, creating pieces that are singular and unique but always wearable and comfortable. Embracing the strong and active individual, the Icelandic clothing brand epitomizes Scandinavian effortlessness, layered with a feminine edge and a hint of eccentric elegance. 

Designer Hilda Gunnarsdóttir focuses on expressing her roots in a modern take, using her country's distinctive aesthetic character to the benefit of the brand. When creating the prints for each collection, her attention is on one specific place in Iceland from where graphic forms derive - be it from nature or urban creations. Thus each collection bears the name of its origin of inspiration.

For milla snorrason quality and longevity in each garment is key. Releasing one collection annually, it is essentially a European brand with all production within the continent and knitwear made in Iceland using Icelandic free range wool.

milla snorrason is concerned with using natural materials and supporting local and ethical production in a slow fashion manner.